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Robijn Sonneveld is an Amsterdam based textile artist with a long career as a fashion designer behind her.  She is known for her sensuous free flowing felt collages. Full of vitality and made from a deep love for the apparent effortlessness of nature.

The artworks are nature abstractions, rich in textures and composed in sophisticated shades of color.  A self-developed craft process built from half a lifetime of textile experience.

For more information

please send an email to robijn@robijnsonneveld.com or call Robijn at +31 06 22 01 41 56.

Philosophy of The Power of Softness

The arrival of a dog brought Robijn a new perspective on her world.
From the congealed rational urban environment, she found herself in the flowing organic force of nature.
Early morning walks became her inspiration, with wonder she discovered the course of the seasons, the light, the cloudscapes, the bird life. The dawn that dispels darkness every day, calm and unhurried. A constant harmonious state of change.

From her philosophy “The Power of Softness,” Robijn explores this apparent effortlessness of nature. Unburdened by thoughts about the end result, she explores the path of natural action. She does this through the creation of felt collages. These collages are composed of hand-formed and dyed felt pieces, each with its own character which has been created during the process.
Robijn processes the felt pieces into free-flowing collages without beginning or end that can grow endlessly.

By observing the ways of nature through a manually undirectable felting and dyeing process, Robijn explores her natural instincts.
In The Power of Softness, she invites one to let go, relax and not want to force life but give it a chance to flow in its own way.

Wool is like an intimate embrace

Wool is the basic material of my work. At the first touch you immediately feel its warmth. It has an insulating effect, is elastic and self-cleaning. Way back when houses were not insulated and there was no central heating, people hung wool goblins on the wall to keep the house warm. And that is still a pleasant feature today.
Wool also works very well for pleasant acoustics. It gives a modern interior with concrete, steel and other hard materials the necessary comfortable softness and soundproofing.

Commissioned work

A commissioned work of art is a valuable collaboration between me and the client. The client’s perception of the world and environment are important and are included in the creative process.
Size and colours are chosen in agreement.